What You Say Matters

Your words matter.  Speak life and love and greatness into each person you meet.

To give you an idea about how words can affect the outcomes in life, I want to share a story about my children and the task of opening a jar.   

I asked my daughters, Summer and Cameron, if they wanted to help me open a spaghetti jar to prepare for dinner.  Prior to giving the task to the girls, I had put all of my strength into trying to open this thing and I couldn’t. Cameron initially said no to the task, but then had that look on her face like she was pondering the idea. 

Kristys Kids Open Jar After a few moments, she declared “Daddy said I was strong, so maybe…” and she promptly came to the kitchen counter to help.  Cameron tried really hard, twisting and turning for a few minutes.  Next, her sister Summer tried, again twisting and turning until low and behold, she successfully opened it!  I told Cameron she loosened it up and Summer finished it off. I gave them both high fives for their great teamwork.

Cameron is 5.  When my husband told her that she was strong, he spoke strength over her, instilling the confidence to try something she didn’t think she’d be able to do. This is true power. If my husband would have told her anything negative or comments of anything less than someone who is strong, that could have become her reality for herself, and she wouldn’t have even entertained the possibility that she was capable enough for the task. 

Who knows how this story would have played out if Cameron didn’t have the voice of her father telling her she was strong.  Your words matter.

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