Patience, Trials and Tribulations, Defeats and Victories

In my years of silently suffering from mystery symptoms, I slowly began to realize that there wasn’t just one solution to my healing journey when it came to my Hashimoto’s.  What worked for me, may not work for others and what worked for others, may not have worked for me.  It became a journey of self-discovery – mind, body, spirit and that it wouldn’t happen overnight.  Natural healing takes patience, trials and tribulations, defeats and victories. But if you can focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, which is extending the longevity of your life, then all of those moments become priceless because you will have finally discovered the answers you were looking for in becoming somewhat normal again.  It took discovering that I had a gut infection, a severe hormonal balance, Hashimotos, digestive issues, mercury toxicity, active viruses and severe mind and body dysfunction to truly get back to a life of normalcy.  It is possible!
The symptoms escalated
I suffered in silence for many years.  I was tortured by symptoms that I excused for having small children, commuting, working full time, being sleep deprived, a wife or being overweight.  I started off experiencing female health dysfunction, dizzy moments, lack of focus and short term memory loss.  Then, quickly overnight I started experiencing cold hands and feet, hair loss, heart palpitations, panic attacks, depression, fatigue, insomnia, irregular and painful menstrual cycles, digestive issues, acne, weight gain, edema, tingling and numbness of my hands, tight and painful joints, brain fog, constant bronchitis and colds, anger issues and tinnitus.  I literally thought I was dying slowly.  
Many had judgments to deny what I was feeling
It was difficult for me to truly believe I was ill since everyone that would look at me on the outside was constantly telling me that I looked fine, it was all in my head, or that I was simply stressed out.  But I knew I wasn’t crazy.  No one understood the torture I felt on the inside, the amount of effort it took to put on a happy face, how much energy it took to do the simplest of tasks and how deathly ill I felt. I was being tossed between dozens of Dr’s diagnosing me with illnesses of carpal tunnel, depression, stress, or that my lab work was fine and it was in my head or maybe I was eating the wrong foods and to accept the fact that I would be heavier as I got older.  
The solution was multifaceted
I finally took my health into my own hands and I quit my job of 12 years and found a functional medicine Doctor.  He peeled back the layers of my health like a banana, starting at the very bottom of what could be, in hopes that we’d discover the root cause early on.  But he had to keep on peeling.  I started with clearing out a gut infection and working on re-balancing my hormones that were of a 70-year-old woman and nothing.  I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s shortly after and worked on my thyroid and felt slightly better but the weight was still there.  It wasn’t until I got my mercury fillings replaced due to having mercury toxicity that I felt normal again.  I got my energy back, had more clarity, my brain fog disappeared and I got my memory back.  I felt normal again!  All of that took about 2 years and it took another 2 years for me to dial in on my diet and lifestyle.  I followed an autoimmune paleo diet for a bit, switched over to a regular Paleo diet and through my own exploration of other diets such as Keto and Plant Based, discovered that a low carb Paleo diet is what worked best for me.  I did have to also change my make-up, cleaning products, grooming products and find ways to reduce my stress.  It was a process.  
The solution went beyond physical healing!
The final discovery towards my path of feeling healthy consistently was getting out of my verbally and mentally abusive marriage of 13 years.  The news of a 4-year affair and a baby on the way was all the reason to finally leave a very negative and toxic marriage.  During this process, I noticed that when my soon to be ex-husband would come to my house to see our the children, the energy would shift and all of our bodies would become rigid and tense.  I would even begin to experience anxiety and heart palpitations.  As soon as he would leave, our shoulders would relax, the energy would clear and feel lighter and my children were back to their normal selves.  When you are in a toxic situation, you don’t realize how much it affects you and how it can cause a domino effect on your health, until you are out of it.  At that point, I hadn’t realized how important spiritual and mental wellness was.  Obviously, mental health is connected to our overall health but I never connected the two on a deeper level.  Once I started my healing journey, it brought me to spiritual health which improved my mental wellness tremendously.  I felt stronger, I loved myself more, I gained confidence, I became adventurous and courageous, opened myself up to opportunities and looked at each day as a new adventure. I welcomed the positive and negative, the good and the bad as learning experiences that would only make me a stronger person and began to see people as opportunities for growth and evolving.
 It takes time, patience, and figuring out what works best for YOU!
It took 2 years to detox and figure out my deficiencies, another 2 to grasp the concept of diet and lifestyle and another year all the way up to present day to get a hold of my mental wellness.  There is no one all, be all way of bringing yourself to a better place when it comes to Hashimoto’s.  It takes patience, time and figuring out what works best for you but it is possible to get yourself back into a healthier place of normalcy.  Remember to be resilient in your healing journey and it will take you places that you may have thought you could never get to!

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Sherry Matthews

Hashimoto warrior and survivor.

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