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Not all CBD Oils are Created Equal

The CBD oil industry is booming (if you missed my prior articles explaining why CBD is booming, check them out here: Endo-Canna-What Now?” and Enter Stage Left, CBD Oil”), and there are limited regulations in place around it. That means anyone can open up a shop selling CBD oil regardless of their ingredients or methods of production.

I feel like if you are going to spend the money on a dietary supplement that can help you support and maintain your health, you want the best, right? Here are a few tips for you to consider before you purchase your liquid gold (that is what we call it):

*Know where the hemp is grown. If the hemp is grown in other countries, it is a crap shoot in what is also in with your hemp (aka arsenic, lead, mold, and other nasty substances).

*You want as few ingredients as possible. You do not need any more than 2-3 ingredients. Keep in mind that more ingredients are not better, and in some cases can be harmful.

*Look for a company that conducts third-party testing on every batch, so that you know exactly what is in your CBD oil.

*You want to know the process in which the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. Some processes leave a residue that is not healthful, and other processes actually take away from the healthy benefits altogether.

*You want the company to be recognized by the US Hemp Authority for integrity and pureness (only 15 companies in the United States have been awarded the “H” certificate).

*Be wary of marketing hype as well. Some of the claims are insane, and I feel like they are purposely set up to confuse consumers.

If you keep these things in mind, you will be on your way to better health and wellness for sure.

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