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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Someone with Chronic Fatigue

Whether the mom in your life has general chronic fatigue or has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or other chronic illness that has overwhelming symptoms of chronic fatigue, this list of gift ideas is sure to have an item or two that will be greatly appreciated on this special Mother’s Day Holiday.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hashimoto’s, Lupus and other chronic illnesses and diseases tend to have one thing in common, chronic fatigue.  It is challenging for most of those who experience this fatigue to describe it in a way that others can understand.  What’s worse, doctors don’t really understand or recognize it when they see it, so the person walks thru life thinking it is all in their head and they are just being lazy.  Some say. “it feels like always having the flu”.  Others say, “it’s like getting hit by a truck and never recovering”.  Still, others say, “I always feel out of gas”.  To me, “it is like having mononucleosis… indefinitely”.  The traditional advice of getting out and exercising makes the fatigue incredibly worse and no amount of sleep seems to relieve the symptoms.

So how can one recognize the amazing blessing that mom brings to the family, honor the constant struggle with chronic fatigue and illness, yet still provide for a happy day of celebration?  How can one respect the monumental task that mom has been trying to do while sick and dispel the possible thoughts of feeling less than worthy of a celebration, most likely due to falling short of what she feels she ‘should’ be doing or what other moms can do? 

  1. The Gift of Acknowledgement. This is a simple and free gift, but all too often undervalued and dismissed by those who know someone with chronic fatigue.  Moms have a monumental job being housekeeper, cook, owie healer, teacher, wife, and many times income earner as well.  These tasks can be daunting for someone WITH abundant energy, let alone to someone who is energy depleted.  Whether in spoken word, an eloquent message in a card, a poem, stickie notes of appreciation around the house, a piece of art or hey, how about a song?  Find a way to let her know in your own unique way, that you recognize the difficult and challenging struggle, yet recognize the incredible job she is doing despite it all!
  2. The Gift of Service. This is another free gift, but one that offers your time.  There are so many ‘todo items’ on a mom’s daily agenda that someone with chronic fatigue becomes overwhelmed and discouraged very quickly.  Imagine feeling like you have to work and do all the chores when you have the flu… it just doesn’t happen!  But these superhero moms think they need to rise to the occasion and make everything happen anyhow.  In reality, the fatigue usually hits them harder and very little gets done.  To lighten the load when someone is sick, it is customary to offer to make meals, do the laundry, vacuum and dust, weed the garden, detail the car – it will be clean for at least a day – lol, clean the bathrooms, babysit the kids or purchase groceries.  Pick a chore and lighten the load for the day.   
  3. The Gift of a Hired Service. This is a more expensive gift but might provide a service that mom is just not capable of fulfilling herself right now.  One could pay for a housekeeping service.  Housekeeping is a very physical activity and with chronic fatigue syndrome, physical activity can make the individual even more tired.   Some cities have grocery delivery services, where you submit your grocery order, and for a fee, it will be delivered to your door.  This saves not only time but the energy of fighting the crowds at the store.  A gift certificate for babysitting service with a trusted care provider can provide an opportunity for mom to have time to herself and rest.  Finally, gift certificates to meal delivery services such as Paleo on the Go, Pete’s Paleo and TrueFare can provide well-balanced meals that adhere to a new diet that she is trying to maintain and thereby provide better energy through her day.  Any task that can be delegated will be greatly appreciated.
  4. The Gift of Knowledge. Consider the many books written on the topic of chronic fatigue that may share hidden gems to teach a path to healing such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, The Epstein-Barr Virus Solution:  The Hidden Undiagnosed Epidemic of a Virus Destroying Millions of Lives thru Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Disorders and Cancer, and  Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness:  How to Stay Sane and Live One Step Ahead of Your SymptomsWhile doctors have been our traditional advisor in all health matters, many are finding that the knowledge explosion of today is making it hard for doctors to know it all.  One has to learn how to be their own advocate and seek many advisors.  Also consider online webinars, programs and/or workshops that might introduce a new idea or perspective that the mom in your life hasn’t considered.  It might just provide hope for relief to her debilitating symptoms.
  5. The Gift of Healing. There are many new healing modalities that are bringing the promise of better health for those with chronic illness.  This might include foods from a special diet to relieve chronic fatigue One Stop Paleo Shop, and Shop AIP.   A timely supplement can boost energy such as iron, zinc, Vitamin B12, selenium, and turmeric or curcuminMeditation apps are another consideration this one for Chronic FatigueSome have benefitted from life coaching, like that offered by Kelly Robbins, to resolve personal life situations that are contributing to energy drain and fatigue.   Integrative or functional doctors can also contribute to new health and wellness ideas and strategies.  All of these healing methods are outside of the traditional healthcare insurance system and since moms tend to put their own health needs above the family finances, she might see these items as a luxury instead of a necessity to bring her back to optimal health.  Let her know that her health and wellbeing are a priority by offering gift certificates or direct purchases of these products and services when she expresses interest in them and is ready to try them.

While a traditional meal with family, a card and/or flowers are always welcomed by moms on Mother’s Day, going the extra mile to recognize her special needs based on her current health conditions can add an extra special touch that will deeply touch her heart and maybe even… help her heal.

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