Life Coaching
Discover the field of Life Coaching and its many variations. Learn about resources, research, certifications and organizations related to Life Coaching to understand how it might fit into a balanced health and wellness plan for YOU!

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Life Coaching: Description

Life Coach What is a Life Coach?
Life Coaching What is Life Coaching?
Life Coach Spotter What is a Life Coach?

Life Coaching: Articles

Speaking up for Yourself

10 Steps to Speaking Up for Yourself

Have you ever said “yes” when you really wanted to say “no”?

Have you ever compliantly accepted a “no” from somebody when everything inside you screamed, “Speak up and get a yes!”? How about the times you’ve wanted to shout, “This is what I want!,” but instead kept quiet?

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Life Coaching: Subtypes

German New Medicine (GNM) The German/Germanic New Medicine Introduction to Dr Hamer’s Germanic/German New Medicine
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) NLPU What is NLP?
  NLP What is NLP?
  Psychology Today What is NLP?
Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM) Rim Institute What is RIM?
  Intus: Personal and Group Transformation What is RIM and How Does it Work?

Life Coaching: Personal Stories

Life Coaching: Sessions

Life Coaching: Science and Research

Life Coaching: Organizations

NLP The Association for NLP (ANLP) The Association for NLP
  NLP World NLP World
  International Association for Neuro-Linquistic Programming International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  Tad James Co. Tad James Co. – The Worlds Home of NLP Training: The Original Time Line Therapy Training
RIM The RIM Institute The RIM Institute

Life Coaching: Certifications

Natural Wellness Academy Holistic Health Coach

Life Coaching: Products

German New Medicine
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