I’d like to share my experience with Hashimoto’s with you because it helped me and it can help you heal, too.  Maybe you have lived through something similar. What I learned, applied, and changed didn’t happen overnight; in fact, it took a few years mostly because I didn’t understand thyroid issues; and, it seems, most of what I researched from those working with thyroid issues wasn’t helpful. It was all about take a pill info!  I wanted to heal, not cover up!  On my journey, I discovered how German New Medicine (GNM) resolves trauma to help heal Hashimoto’s and other diseases.

I thought the symptoms were ‘normal’

To begin my story, I’ll start with my symptoms: racing heart, high blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, fearfulness, and more. This didn’t seem unnatural to me because I was dealing with helping my sister who had Ovarian Cancer and my husband with Prostate Cancer. Of course, the diagnoses themselves were earth-shattering to me, but going with each to their various treatments was very difficult.  So, a pounding heart seemed natural to me. I was scared because it was difficult to watch them suffer through treatments and I didn’t want them to die. I did everything one could possibly do to help them sacrificing my job and my income in the process. The outcome was not what I would have ordered from the Universe because my husband lived albeit with a radiated, dead prostate which can really change a marriage, and my sister died after going all over the world for 4 years.  Additionally, I had to claim bankruptcy due to the cost of treatment and inherited her two sons.

But something was really wrong

This was all very difficult to accept, of course, but at least I felt my symptoms would abate.  Not so! The pounding, blood pressure, etc. continued and I was perplexed. Once it was so bad that I drove myself to the ER.  They kept me for 3 days and said I needed to have my thyroid removed along with two parathyroid glands. This was shocking to me because I thought I had weathered the storm but apparently, not.  After being in and out of doctor’s offices all those years and not getting good results, I was distrustful of their recommendations. I wanted to research my condition and then make a decision. They diagnosed me with Hyperthyroidism and Hyperparathyroidism. They also said Thyroiditis but no antibodies.

I did my own research

When I returned home I started researching but could find nothing on Hyper; everything was about Hypo. I did learn about Hashimoto’s and how one can go back and forth between hypo and hyper but you had to have high antibodies which, at that point, I did not have.  I knew that I did have symptoms of both at different times but I thought it was all due to what was going on. I soon found out that I was correct. My body was responding to what was going on in my life. So, I began deep research into German New Medicine which I wanted to know more about during the cancer journey but information was unavailable.  At this time, I received a message responding to my various inquiries that GNM was being taught in Montreal and that it entailed 4 sessions of 4 days each done over the course of several months. I wanted to know more about my diagnosis and also more about why my Health-Nut sister and Marathon-Running, weight-lifting husband got cancer! Thankfully, I did get answers and became a GNM Resolution Counselor.  For me, it was a God Send!

I discovered trauma hidden behind the disease

I learned that my condition was caused by feeling powerless and by impending fear!  Boy was that true.  After having been on that cancer journey constantly feeling like I was on speed, never tiring, but always thinking of the next step, I was basically drained emotionally and physically. And, because of the outcome concerning my sister, I felt extremely powerless, especially because we had done so much!

New learning that doctors don’t understand

In studying about the thyroid in GNM I learned that Hypothyroidism is always preceded by Hyperthyroidism.  That was certainly true in my case.  I also learned that the microorganisms present are there to heal the thyroid and break down excess tissue and swelling.  I didn’t have those because I had been on antibiotics so much during my life that I was deficient in them.  The body can still heal by encapsulating nodules and calcifying them which is what happened to me.  Doctors are taught to blame the microbes for illness but that is like blaming firemen for fires because they are there!  Made perfect sense to me!

A new way of seeing disease

The main thing I learned, which helped in my healing from what they called Thyroiditis or the lack of antibodies, was that the body never makes a mistake and that all symptoms are because the body senses and hears every thought and word we have and responds by initiating a Biological Program to keep the body safe. I also learned that there are two phases to every dis-ease, Conflict Active, which is Hyperthyroidism.  Conflict Active is when the difficult situation is going on and we’re constantly thinking about it so the body is doing something to help us but it is not noticeable. Once we come to accept what is, the body goes into the Healing Phase which is Hypothyroidism which can be swelling, nodules, goiter because the body is healing the necrosis that went on during the conflict. I learned that once we come to grips with the conflict, change our perceptions regarding the issue, and accept what is if it can’t be changed, our bodies start healing which is when symptoms show.  Unfortunately, that’s when all the medications start which interrupt the body’s natural healing abilities.

Connecting more dots…

Of course, I wanted to know more about why my two loved ones got cancer and I did!  Ovarian Cancer is due to a major loss such as that of a child or someone or something we consider to be our child.  This could be our station in life, a career, a way of life, and the like.  Prostate Cancer is about feeling the loss of manhood which my husband had at work and, possibly, at home because I’m not the type of woman who does whatever her husband says!!!  I tried that for the first two years and was losing myself in the process.  I was very young and didn’t really know who I was yet!  I had to start doing things my way! Everything is about the person’s perception of a situation, so I don’t feel guilty!  My husband changed jobs and was more accepting of me being me and not reflective of his manhood which is why I believe he healed. He used his parents’ marriage as a model!  Didn’t work!  My sister’s position in life was too difficult for her to change, or so she thought, so she did not heal.  German New Medicine is about our bodies having so much wisdom and about trusting Mother Nature or God that we were created to heal.

It started earlier than I realized…

One other thing I want to mention is that this was not my first experience with severe powerlessness and fear!  There is always an original event! I know this because of being a Holistic Counselor for years yet never connected what was going on to my thyroid!  I had read years before that the thyroid is shaped like a shield and gets larger when we are in danger.  Both of my sisters had Hypothyroidism, we later found out, but I never had thyroid issues as a younger person.  Or, at least, didn’t know I did.  My two sisters and I lived in constant fear!  They both were a little overweight.  I was the skinny, quiet, one who always had a headache!  They seemed to be able to be happy amidst the turmoil that went on every day.  They both died of cancer and did not reach life-expectancy.  My mother was a good person but always on diet pills and angry.  We suffered and lived in fear because of much physical, emotional, verbal, and mental abuse.  I somehow took the role of saving everyone and keeping my mother happy, the peacemaker, so to speak. It didn’t work!  More powerlessness and fear!

The lessons I learned

My thyroid is in good shape today and my tests are all good thanks to what I learned from GNM.  I was lucky that for most of my adult life I did feel powerful because what I set out to do was accomplished.  It wasn’t until the cancers came that the powerlessness and fear issue reared its ugly head again.  Practicing acceptance of what is and being aware of what is possible to change and what is not was and is helpful for me.  Because of childhood programming, I need to constantly be vigilant about this.  I am thankful for GNM because it has helped me understand my body and that I can control what programs it is running and change them if they aren’t working for me.  Most of us, unfortunately, are running on programs instilled around the age of five.  We are reacting as a five year old!

I now help others

After leaning GNM in Montreal I started using it as the basis of my counseling especially for those with dis-ease including Hashimoto’s and all types of cancer.  I help my clients find the exact trauma/conflict that alerted the body to go into protect mode and we then clear that from the cellular memory with Energy Psychology.  We then find any triggers or tracks that keep the program coming back when a similar situation occurs. This is what I call Resolution Counseling. Our experiences in life make us what we are but and how we respond to them determines whether we are at ease or in dis-ease!  I think it is Bruce Lipton who said, “Our biography is our biology” and Candace Pert said, ”The body is our subconscious mind”!  Our bodies display the programming in our minds so we may need to change those programs if they aren’t serving us well!  That’s what I help people do!  They knew what they were doing when they, whoever they are, made the word dis-ease.  So telling! 

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