Did Energy Work Stop Painful Menstrual Cramps?

I remember the day vividly. How could I forget it?  My life was dramatically changed by the events of that day.  It was the day that the painful monthly menstrual cramps that I had, went away, like 100%, never to return again.

Since the very first period I had at the age of about 14, I suffered each and every month with incredibly severe menstrual cramps.  For about 24-48 hours straight, I was buckled up in pain, in tears, in my bed, enduring a pain that not even the delivery of my children could match.  Many doctors and health care specialists recognize that some women suffer unbearable pain during their periods, but they are not sure how to help them and often describe it as ‘normal’.  I remember my obstetrician giggled when he discovered I had painful periods, “oh, so that is why you got pregnant”!  I never really thought of it that way until he mentioned it, but yes, I was gifted 9 months relief from the excruciating pain during each of the pregnancies for my children.

So how did this transformation take place? 

I was in the office of a holistic practitioner.  She was trained in many modalities but today, she was going to pull out her gift of energy healing.  I was in the middle of my 24-48 hour pounding cramps toned down slightly by an over the counter pain reliever, Aleve.  I was laying on her table as she performed work up and down my body.  She would sense something, stop and pause, then move on. 

When this practitioner eventually came to my abdomen she asked, “Is there something going on right here?  I sense a lot of intense energy going on.”  Hmmm, I thought, it is very interesting that she keyed in on that.  But what can she do about it?  I shared my situation, that I was in the midst of very painful menstrual cramps and that I take Aleve to try to get some relief, but that I almost didn’t show up for the visit because I really feel awful. 

The practitioner’s next question made me laugh, “would you like me to fix that?”  Was she serious?  Did she really mean that?  And if she did mean that, how was she going to help when no one else could?  My reply was, “Absolutely, I’ll try anything”.

For the next 5-10 minutes, all she did was put one hand on my back in the abdominal area and the other hand on the top of my abdomen.  I could sense warmth, a lot of wonderful warmth.  It was totally silent as I lay there, with her hands very lightly touching my body.  Before I knew it, the pain had slowly dissipated, until I barely could feel any cramps.   

One might conjecture that this was just my time for the cramps to go away and they would have gone away whether this practitioner was there to help me or not.  But I have no doubt that she was helping me and healing me in that moment.  She reassured me that the cramps would resolve 100%.

The very next month, the time for my period came and there were no menstrual cramps – NONE.  I never had menstrual cramps ever again.

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