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WellMorph’s authors and contributors are special people.  They have a mission and are devoted to the healing and wellbeing of others.  They are laser-focused on developing knowledge and skills which empowers others in their quest to heal, recover and improve.    Whether it be through an intensive healing practice, such as a functional medicine, wellness coaching, or energy healing sessions, or through articles, videos, and programs, WellMorph’s authors and contributors are committed to bettering individuals, families and communities.

If you would like to be considered to be a WellMorph author or contributor, prepare your material with the following agreement in mind.

Author/Contributor Agreement:

  • Be Original:  Articles/Videos must be unique to WellMorph.  Articles/Videos must not have been published on any other website, forum, chat or social media network (including your personal blog).  It must not be slated for distribution on other sites.  
  • Images/Videos: You may submit an image to accompany your contribution or submit a video as your contribution as long as the following requirements are met:
    • The Author/Contributor is the copyright holder of the image/video OR the image/video is licensed under an appropriate creative commons license OR the image/video is public domain.  Proof must be submitted along with an image/video showing that it does not infringe on copyright laws.
    • Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc. reserves the right to change/edit the image/video if deemed appropriate.
    • If people are included in the image/video, the author/contributor must provide written release allowing the use of likeness.
    • Image/Video submission must be relevant to the article and/or WellMorph.
    • Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc reserves the right to deny or remove any image/video it deems inappropriate or contrary to the values and purpose of the company and the WellMorph brand.
  • Write an Enticing Opening:  Create a first sentence that makes the reader want to continue.  Craft a first paragraph that tells the reader clearly and succinctly what the remainder of the article will be about.
  • Make it Relevant:  The WellMorph website is a community of healing with a clear mission:  to help people with autoimmune and chronic disease discover the full spectrum of information, practices and practitioners they need to make optimal choices for their own health and wellbeing.   Doing this requires committed Authors and Practitioners willing to develop high-quality articles, products and services which are clear, confidential, well-documented and supported, and professionally delivered.
  • Keep is Positive:  There are many paths to healing.  Present yours in a way that allows other solutions to be ‘right’.
  • Article Length: Keep articles between 200-800 words, videos between 5 and 15 mins.  Longer posts and videos will be allowed if it is necessary and relevant, but the final length of the article is decided by WellMorph editorial staff.
  • Plagiarism:  Plagiarism or copyright infringement is not permitted.
  • Cite Quotes and References Properly:  When quoting others, properly cite the source.  To avoid plagiarism, cite the source of all outside material.
  • Cite Health Claims:   If you make a health claim for a given food, herb, supplement, practice, tell us how you know.  If you mention a statistic or study, include a citation for that source.  Use links to from peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals and/or credible news outlets.  Be clear about the robustness of the study.  Expert opinions are not as robust as a randomized controlled trial but are still very noteworthy. 
  • Links:  While links to cite sources for quotes, references and studies are appropriate, unless deemed relevant/appropriate by the WellMorph editing staff, all other outside links will be removed.  All affiliated or spam related links will be removed at the discretion of WellMorph editing staff and might be cause for rejection of an article.
  • Property:  Articles will acknowledge your authorship, but will be the property of Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc., the parent company of the WellMorph brand.
  • Submit:
    • Subject of e-mail:  Submission – <Your Title>
    • Body of e-mail:
      • Article/Video: Article/Video – <Your article/video>
      • Image:  Article Image –
      • Citation Links: References – study references>
      • Tag(s): Tags – <the disease(s), practice(s) that your article may be relevant for>
      • Photo: <photo of you>
      • Intro: Intro – <2-3 sentences>
      • Bio: Bio – <1-2 paragraphs about you>
      • Website and Social Media: Website and Social Media – <website, social media links>
      • Credentials: Credentials – <certifications, training, awards>
      • Affiliate Links: Affiliate Links – <products, sessions, programs, courses you would like considered for inclusion where appropriate>
  •  Expect:
    • Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc. does not pay for article/video submissions.  If you decide to submit an article/video to WellMorph, you do so with the knowledge that you shall not be entitled to any compensation for writing the post or for any other compensation related to the post. 
    • Authors/Contributors will receive writing credit at the end of the article.
    • If an approved photo, intro, bio, website/social media, credentials are submitted, the Author/Contributor credit will link to a Practitioner page containing this information and any/all articles, products, sessions, programs, courses that have been submitted and approved.
    • WellMorph will share and promote approved articles, videos, affiliate links on a variety of possible platforms including social media and a monthly newsletter, but does not guarantee any particular site or audience reach.
    • Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc. reserves the right to add its own affiliate links where appropriate. 
    • Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc. reserves the right to refuse, modify and/or remove an article, video, author/contributor, Practitioner page link within its sole discretion at any time without notice to the author/contributor.
    • If a submission is inappropriate or if the WellMorph editorial staff feels modifications are appropriate, a WellMorph representation will let you know and offer suggestions so that the submission can be modified, resubmitted and considered for publication at a later time.
    • Search engine optimization information is added at the discretion of Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc.
  • Author/Contributor Responsibilities:
    • By providing an article, video, images, biographical information to WellMorph, you agree that you are in now way becoming a part of the WellMorph website or parent company Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc., nor shall you hold yourself out to be a member of the WellMorph website or Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc. company.
    • If we use your article, you are encouraged to promote it on your own website, in a newsletter, through Facebook, Twitter or other social media forums.  Promoting does not mean you post the entire article, but that you include a link to your article on the WellMorph website and a short sentence or two explaining what the article is about.
  • Acknowledge:  By submitting material to WellMorph you acknowledge that you accept this Author/Contributor Agreement, Practitioner Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy.  
  • Be Patient:  We read every submission, but we are a small staff and can’t respond to every submission.  If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 14 days.
Updated February 19, 2019