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Carole Seaver, M.A. became a Resolution Counselor according to German New Medicine and found the answers she was looking for when her sister and husband who were both health-nuts were diagnosed with cancer around the same time. Since her family had always been organic consumers, her sister was a nutritionist and her husband a marathon runner and weight-lifter, the cancer diagnoses were shocking! Carole was already a Holistic Counselor and was very into emotional healing and the MetaPhysical causes of dis-ease according to Louise Hay and the Body Mirror System.  But, finding GNM gave the biological answers to the question WHY?

Carole added GNM to her counseling over ten years ago. It is the basis of all her work as it reveals the root cause of why a person gets a dis-ease. Learning why the body is running a special biological program in response to a specific stress/trauma/conflict is essential to healing. However, that is only the beginning of a counseling process that includes making needed changes in perception, decisions made, the environment, understanding the phases of dis-ease and more. Healing happens and the biological program stops running when the body knows the conflict is resolved and it feels safe. Supporting the body while it is healing with proper rest and nutrition and strengthening the Immune System are all adjuncts to the processes Carole uses.

Resolution Counseling consists of Awareness, Acceptance, Action, and Authenticity.

Awareness is knowing why your body wisdom is protecting you and how it is doing that, as well as understanding if it is in a conflict phase or a healing phase. Acceptance has to do with no Denial.  Accept what is going on in your life and how your body is responding to it. Don’t pretend that everything is ok when it is not. Face it, embrace, it, release it, and erase it! Action means it’s time to do something.  Change as well as restoring and replacing the old with the new in all or most areas is needed here.  Authenticity means that you are now authentically YOU and can be in the NOW, having resolved the issues that put your body into high alert and protection mode.

Carole also uses Energy Psychology and other forms of Energy Healing as these processes are quicker and deeper than talk alone! The following are certifications and protocols Carole uses in conjunction with GNM: National Certified Counselor, NES Certified Practitioner, Diplomate of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Holistic Counselor and MindBody Coach, Louise Hay Counselor and WS Leader, NET, EFT and AFT Practitioner, Body Mirror System Practitioner, Meta-Medicine Integrative Health Coach, Certified Energy Coach, ETHOS Practitioner, Reiki Master and IET Advanced Practitioner, The Emotion Code, Body Code, Theta Healing, Quantum Entrainment, Matrix Energetics, NOW Healing Techniques and Source Energy Medicine.


(Carole counsels, educates, and informs on health and healing but does not prescribe.)

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