Transition to a New Kind of Wellness®

As the world of healthcare begins to blossom with diverse philosophies and approaches, WellMorph® helps you to navigate new information, wellness practices and technologies  to take back control of your own health and wellbeing.

With ambitious goals of leading a self-driven, grassroots revolution in healthcare practice, WellMorph empowers you in your quest for better health and wellbeing by:

  • Keeping you up-to-date with the health and wellbeing issues which impact you most
  • Helping you identify wellness practitioners with the right skills and expertise for your needs
  • Offering you specialist health and wellbeing programs to advance your personal insight and expand awareness of options
  • Connecting you to coaches to support you on your wellbeing journey
  • Enabling you to schedule confidential sessions with coaches and practitioners

…and much more!

A New Wellness Mission

WellMorph’s mission is to help people discover the full spectrum of information, practices and practitioners they need to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

Challenging traditional models of healthcare, WellMorph places wellness at the center of everyday life, and supports patient-directed, choice-based approaches to care.

Read the “3Rs” of wellness to discover more about WellMorph’s philosophy and guiding principles:  Recognize, Research, Recover.


  • that optimal wellness is best achieved when a genuine partnership exists between a patient and a practitioner, or a patient and a team of practitioners
  • that optimal wellness is best achieved when patients are empowered to take control of their own health, incorporating their own unique attributes, lifestyle differences, and personal preferences into the decision-making process
  • that optimal wellness is best achieved by engaging the full diversity of health and wellness practitioners, including conventional, complementary, alternative and integrative specialists found both locally and online
  • that optimal wellness requires careful consideration of all factors which influence health, wellness and disease — whether be factors of body, mind or spirit
  • that optimal wellness is dependent upon the treatment of the causes of symptoms, not simply the alleviation of symptoms themselves
  • that optimal wellness is always based on good science when available, but that many promising wellness practices and procedures have not been studied thoroughly, or have not been given due consideration
  • that optimal wellness includes the broader concepts of health promotion, illness prevention, and early detection, as well as the treatment of disease

  • conventional, complementary, alternative and integrative wellness approaches to address all aspects of your health and wellbeing — body, mind and spirit
  • approaches to resolving stress, trauma, emotional pain, and/or destructive thought patterns that potentially contribute to the onset of a disease or condition
  • approaches to overcoming a lack of purpose, joy, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than self that may contribute to the onset of disease
  • whether an approach to healing promises a path to genuine resolution, or simply mitigates symptoms, locks patients into lifelong treatment, and/or potentially creates other imbalances or diseases
  • claimed effectiveness, potential side effects, the anticipated speed of recovery, cost, insurance coverage, and levels of evidence to increase confidence in wellness choices
  • the performance, reputation and cost-effectiveness of institutions, clinics, practitioners and healthcare plans to ensure optimal care and treatment
  • concepts of health promotion, prevention of illness, and early detection to complement and strengthen research on the treatment of disease

  • by taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, making proactive, informed decisions through research and learning
  • by assembling a team of practitioners who guide and motivate through expertise, yet always respect your personal perspectives and choices
  • by harnessing the technological strengths and ongoing advancements of the conventional healthcare system
  • by exploring natural, balanced approaches to wellness, including treatments in the fields of complementary, alternative and integrative care
  • by setting goals, identifying steps to reach those goals, and adjusting course as your wellness and knowledge levels change
  • by monitoring and tracking your personal progress, utilizing new devices and technology where beneficial
  • by working with a health coach or mentor, if circumstances permit, to help guide, support, and inform your healthcare journey
Kelly Robbins

About Kelly Robbins, CEO & Founder

Hailing from much-fabled Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kelly Robbins is a transformational wellness coach with a background in math and computing (MS in Computer Science and Engineering), and a passion for transforming the delivery of healthcare.

While at the height of her career in corporate IT, Kelly, a busy mother of two, was struck down with the debilitating effects of Hashimoto’s Disease. Working with the meager tools of a healthcare system which had placed autoimmune diseases in the “too-hard basket”, Kelly’s struggle led her to the realization that wellness was something only she could bring to herself.

Taking control of her own healthcare, Kelly reached beyond the traditional health system, discovering practices, alternative modes of treatment, and new communities of thought and care which not only offered effective relief but also sought to get to the root of her disease, even as it treated her whole self.

Having stabilized her illness, Kelly made a welcome discovery: The ups and downs of her wellness journey had transformed her life and career, giving her a fresh perspective on health, disease, relationships and personal happiness.

Now, with a mission to transform thinking about health and healthcare delivery, she is a passionate advocate of self-directed care, and CEO/founder of game-changing wellness platform, WellMorph®.


Kelly’s Bio

Growing up in a world of numbers, both of Kelly’s parents were math teachers. This no doubt rubbed off, as Kelly took a BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and soon followed this up with a MS in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Having survived the tumultuous times of the Dot-Com Bubble as a corporate IT administrator, Kelly’s battle with Hashimoto’s disease led her to apply her education and skills to the field of health, giving rise to her mission to transform healthcare, and subsequently to the founding of WellMorph.

  • Creator of the WellMorph® concept, brand and website, GLSS, Inc.
  • Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Energy Worker, GLSS, Inc.
  • CEO/Founder of Guiding Light Success Systems, Inc. (GLSS, Inc.)
  • Independent Sales Consultant,  in retail sales
  • CEO/Founder of CompuThinkers, an IT consulting company
  • Web Administrator/Team lead, Borders Group Inc.
  • Oracle Database Administrator at UUNET, a subsidiary of Worldcom
  • Pharmaceuticals-Related Data Analyst, Statprobe, Inc.
  • Pharmaceuticals-Related Data Analyst and Computer Scientist, The Upjohn Company
  • MS in Computing and Engineering, University of Michigan
  • BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, Western Michigan University
Kelly Robbins